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BMW Group’s Trend Radar is now publicly available

Exclusive technological expertise for everyone: The BMW Group has made its Trend Radar public. The technology sector’s trend research website bundles the key findings of the global BMW Technology Offices in the USA, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and China. Global trend research allows the company to draw conclusions about future technological developments. As part of the open access approach, these results will be immediately processed in the Trend Radar and made available externally, meaning scientific institutions, start-ups, as well as potential partners can use them. BMW wants to start a dialogue with them using this approach, which has never been implemented in the automotive industry before. This will promote open exchange on tech trends across industries and encourage cooperation.

The BMW Group Technology Trend Radar is a publication produced by the BMW Group, which highlights key technology trends and innovations that are relevant to the automotive industry. The publication is intended to provide insight into the future direction of the automotive industry, and to help the BMW Group stay at the forefront of technological developments. Some of the key trends covered in the BMW Group Technology Trend Radar include developments in electric and autonomous vehicles, advancements in materials science and manufacturing, and the rise of connected and shared mobility services.

The BMW Group Technology Trend Radar gives an insight into the most relevant cross industry tech trends that are significant for the BMW Group and the automotive industry in general. wIn a rapidly changing tech environment, the BMW Group Technology Trend Radar helps us to focus on the important technologies in order to offer the most innovative products and services for our customers.

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