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Apple transforms a boring sustainability report into storytelling gold

During their iPhone 15 launch event, Apple paused to showcase a video, spanning five minutes, highlighting the company's environmental achievements. Octavia Spencer, an Oscar recipient, featured as 'Mother Nature' in the peculiar production.

The technology behemoth paused their unveiling event to present a five-minute piece, a segment Apple's CEO Tim Cook later shared on X (previously known as Twitter), commenting, "At Apple, we recognize the pressing urgency of climate change and are wholeheartedly dedicated to contributing our share in addressing it. Today, we were visited by a significant force of nature to evaluate our advancements."

The "significant force" referred to was "Mother Nature," a character brought to life by the 53-year-old Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer. In the piece, she criticized Apple's executives for the corporation's environmental impact, while being constantly reassured of the strides the company has undertaken to diminish their carbon emissions.

The video ends with Apple CEO Tim Cook promising 'Mother Nature' that 'by 2030 ALL Apple devices will have a net zero climate impact'.

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