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From Insight to Action: Empowering Your Business with Applied AI

The seminar equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of AI, its strategic integration, and practical implementation. They gain foresight capabilities, market awareness, and ethical considerations for responsible AI adoption.

Participants also develop ideation skills, foster a culture of innovation, and leave with actionable strategies and roadmaps.

The seminar also facilitates networking opportunities and establishes a foundation for leveraging AI effectively in your organization, driving innovation and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.


Jan Tyl,
CEO Alpha Industries


Vratislav Kalenda,
CEO Applifting

„As an AI expert, I will share the practical
AI-use knowledge.“

„I will guide you through the AI challenges and solutions in IT."

Petr Vaclavek,


„I will help you identify your industry threats and opportunities.“


Ladislav Novák,
CTO Jablotron

"The structure of the seminar from theory to practical use in companies & the impact on our society was thrilling. The lecturers are great! The division into two days and the informal environment helped a lot to absorb the information."

The seminar is divided into two four-hour blocks.

They can be split into two days or, depending on your needs, can be done as a whole on one day..


In the first block, you will learn about the best relevant use cases and how GPT, one of the most advanced AI models, is changing the world. You will also discover how GPT and other LLMs work, and the strengths and weaknesses of these models. You will be able to interactively try out GPT4 and discuss its impact on human society and the economy.

Block 1:

  • What is AI and what are its applications in everyday life

  • What is machine learning and deep learning based on the neural networks

  • What is the impact on the human society, required and considered ethics & future implications

  • What are the best use cases for business implications

  • Interactive Exercise using ChatGPT-4, Midjourney and other AI applied tools


In the second block, the focus will be on practice, where we will together identify suitable places for AI deployment, come up with solutions, and suggest first steps towards implementation. Interactive exercises will be provided, and we will brainstorm together about areas where artificial intelligence could help you internally, externally, and as a new venture.

Block 2:

  • Utilization of AI to understand the market landscape

  • Utilization of AI to ideate and validate

  • Utilization of AI to prototype & iterate + create business cases

  • Utilization of AI to roadmap and execute the innovation process

  • Interactive Exercise using the knowledge and experience gained in the use of applied AI tools


Unlock the Power of AI: Ignite Innovation, Drive Transformation..

At the conclusion of the seminar, you will depart with a collection of concepts and concrete suggestions for integrating artificial intelligence into your organization, encompassing products, services, and operations both internally and externally. Additionally, you will acquire a comprehensive comprehension of the workings, advantages, and obstacles of artificial intelligence, empowering you to identify and implement opportunities for its utilization within your enterprise and industry.

The cost of the seminar is EUR 9,500 and it can be provided in English or Czech language.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with AI industry leaders and gain a competitive edge in today's business world. Register now to secure your spot .

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